How do you choose???

Going through things, and yes some things are easy to cull, but then you have the hot dog bun pan… I love home made hot dog buns. I admit it, I don’t bake them as often as I would like, but it’s one of those things you can’t make them without this special pan. So how do you downsize and yet hold onto special items like this???? Argh! How do you choose which child to get rid of?! That’s what it feels like sometimes.

Okay, I’ve got something like 8-10 pie plates, I can get rid of some of those. Not all of them because I do bake 5-6 assorted pies at the holidays, so I do need to keep at least 5-6 I would say. But I have to keep all three loaf pans for bread because some recipes make three loaves! Some are only one loaf recipes but I have quite a few that make three loaves at a time. I can pare down casserole dishes, I don’t need two sets of glass rectangular baking dishes, I can do without some of the miss matched mixing bowls, I can let the seldom used electric orange juicer go…

But there are those odd seldom used items I just can’t seem to bring myself to part with yet. Like the paper forms for panettone to be made at Christmas. Maybe some of these things will go once we are actually in the process of moving and I have to transport them from this house to the next. Maybe it becomes an “are you worthy of the transport” issue.

There does come that point in every move where you just get so exhausted you really don’t care anymore and you start giving away and dumping stuff just so you don’t have to move it. 😉 Or in the case of military moves you start worrying you are going to be over the weight allowance and will have to start paying for that overage and start giving away stuff to avoid paying. 😄

Breathe, just breathe… Lean in and shoulder it, and get through it all. Come out the other side lighter. I’ll get there.