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Life happens when you aren’t looking…

I have a piece going into a new exhibition at Annmarie Gardens starting October 11. When the call went out for this one I was playing around with a couple different ideas developing them and then a good friend threatened to commit suicide. Out of that experience “22” was born.

Unfortunately it is not the first time I have been put in the position to intervene when someone threatened suicide and odds are it won’t be the last time either. It is a “heavy” piece mentally and there were quiet a few tears shed while working on it. But I would much rather have it this way than shedding tears at a funeral.

I will post photos after the show although it’s difficult to get decent ones since the colors used are so dark for most of it. It does have one bright spot and there are beads and Swarovski crystals scattered about the piece too. I’ll post the statement that explains it as well.

I’ve done a LOT of refinishing furniture in the last few months. Will have to see if I can manage to post some pictures here soon. Some of it was also putting together and staining a set of Adirondack chairs and matching ottomans.

Recovery after the surgery is slow. I’m doing better than most I’ve heard about who get their Achilles tendon replaced but I’m not always known to be the most patient patient. 😊 I’m able to walk a mile at a time now on the track at the high school and could probably bump that up again now.

A friend cajoled me into putting some items in two local county fairs. I put in two skeins of hand spun yarn, two sewn girl’s dresses, and two different felted pieces. All 6 pieces got ribbons at both fairs. Although the dresses are rather funny – one comment “don’t buy dresses to enter into the fair”! There were a couple other similar comments from the judges but that was the harshest. I’ll take it as a compliment that they thought my sewing was so professional they felt it was not “hand made”. 😄

My grand mother was a seamstress as well and I did grow up learning from her! She is part of the reason I am “Jones Branch”. My husband said that tells me that if I sew for the fair next year I shouldn’t put my tags in there then. I say the hell with that! I am who I am, I have spent time to get my various arts to the level they are and I am not hiding or dumbing down anything.
Now I just need Fall to arrive! What’s the deal with having temps in the 90s in Oct for crying out loud?! Although we are cooling down a bit this weekend, let’s hope this is a continuing trend… along with me being back to my blog!

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