We interrupt this art to bring you work…

It’s been a flurry of activity around here! I finished up my time at Artists in Action and had to rebuild my studio when I brought everything home. Plus I needed to carve out space to needle felt a large, and I mean large, piece I submitted to an upcoming exhibition. I’ll find out in a couple weeks if it made it in or not, but the piece is roughly 39″ across and circular.

I worked on “The Journey” off and on. I also painted the kitchen cabinets, well more correctly I painted the bottom set. Didn’t quite make it to the top ones yet. I painted the bathroom vanity. Of course that meant a new rug and shower curtain. This vanity will go when we redo the bathroom, until then I can now live with this one we have until we replace it when we do a complete makeover.

We’ve put up a new light over the dining table, new light in the kitchen and new light on the top of the stairs. Know what that means??? No more wagon wheels!!! 😄 Slowly but surely we are leaving Bonanza behind! Woohoo. For those catching up here, we bought a log cabin built in 1984, replete with wagon wheel lights, Holly Hobby ruffled curtains – you name the kitsch, it was in here I think.

I have seen my ortho doc again and am scheduled for surgery on my heel/Achilles tendon on the 18th. That has been an ordeal on its own. I’m in the midst of changing primary care doctors, getting my records moved from my old doctor to my new one, jumping through all the insurance hoops, plus extra hoops to please the ortho doc since I reached the “magical age of 55” meaning I needed an EKG and physical prior to surgery… Trying to get all this done before hubby possibly has upcoming work trips next month. What fun!

So after surgery it’s 6 weeks in a cast, then 6 weeks in a walking cast or “Das Boot” as I call it, then on to the physical terrorist to begin learning to walk again and get mobility back. Once again I will be thankful for my Subaru Outback, Scoobyru as I call her. I’ll have one of those knee scooters while in the cast and hauling it around in the Subaru will be easy! #Subarulove #SubaruAmbassador

Between now and surgery and during recovery I’ll be working on a review for a pattern I’m really excited about. (More on that later. 😊) Then I’m also working another piece for another  upcoming exhibition that I need to submit by April 2. It’s another large piece but I know what I want now so it’s just actually making it. 

Fiber Art Now has a call out that is due sometime in May, the 17 I think, that I’d like to submit something for that one. I have a couple ideas swimming in my brain that need to “gel” and go from there with them. In the fall they have their Excellence in Fiber V exhibition. I know what I would like to submit for that, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to felt it. 😄 Once I figure that out I’m off to the races so to speak.

Never a dull moment around here, that’s for sure…

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