It’s going by fast!

So my beloved “Scoobyru” – my Subaru Outback (#Subarulove, #SubaruAmbassador) was awesome once again to help me get everything over to Artists in Action. She swallowed tables, bins, display materials… I love my Subaru! Can’t say enough good about that vehicle and will continue to sing her praises. 😊 I’m also handing out Subaru pens and pencils as I do my community art project. We’re doing origami lucky stars and I’m having folks write a good wish for the year on the back of the paper, fold it, put it in a jar, then I’ll put them in a decorative jar and give it to Annmarie Gardens. If they are interested I’m also giving them brochures. 

Yesterday the first artist of “my group” left. 😔 It was sad to lose her, we’ve all been having so much fun. But it was like breaking up the band or something. It was so sad to see her empty space next to mine by the end of the day. I believe her replacement comes in on Friday and I look forward to meeting her. I’m sure they all felt the same when the artist that was in my spot left and I came in, it’s a rolling event with us moving in and out over the course with five available spots.

With the weather we’ve had I’m surprised at the number of people we actually have coming through middle of the week. It’s been nice chatting with them, I’ve really enjoyed it. They seem to have at least one school group come through each day as well and they come by to see what we’re doing and ask questions. Carrie

This Saturday should be rather busy since they are holding their Valentine’s Maker’s Market and it will be an indoor event. Tables will be inside on both floors and I’m not sure about the other artists but I plan to be there. I’ll be there on Sunday too.

If you’re in the area stop by, there are some really talented ladies there right now and I’m sure there are more talented artists coming in as it progresses.

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