It was such a simple thing…


We just bought our first home. Being a Navy family for roughly 25 years we always rented or lived in base housing, once my husband retired we found a nice rental and had just stayed there until the owner decided to move back in himself. Being lifelong renters or living in base housing relegates you to a life of “renter’s beige” walls, never being able to paint things the way you want them, only being able to personalize through furniture, curtains and limited wall hangings – although with the invention of Command hooks that has become easier.

So we bought a log cabin – not something you will go hog wild with color inside either. The other day as we were staining the raw wood of the interior of our cabin, and I have gotten sick of painting the raw wood of the window frames white, repainting the garish dark brown doors a light grey to either be a base coat or their color, and painting two dressers that are going into our closet the ever slightest green tinted white – I went to our local Ace Hardware for paint for the inside of the front door.  The artist in me was craving color, not only to work with, but to look at as well. That’s when I found “the blue”, Mykonos Reflection.

This was a blue you can fall into it’s so deep and rich. I had to have it and I had to paint my front door this color. I came home with this paint and about halfway through the first coat, (it took two) tears started rolling down my cheeks. Tears that I think only someone who has been denied the opportunity to pick and choose the colors you want surrounding you could understand. The tears of a 54 year old, who for the first time in her life, could go to the paint store and say – “I want to paint the inside of my front door Mykonos Reflection” and actually do it, not say that and think one day I’ll be able to do that.

I have other ideas and some plans for what I want done in some other areas, and trust me, more color is coming – but for that one moment it was the utmost joy to pick a color – any color – and just paint in my own home.

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