Little Engine that Could…

Remember that book from childhood – “I think I can, I think I can”. The little train chugging up the mountain. That’s me at the moment finalizing everything for this show on Sat. Between a different format/set up and it having been a while since I’ve done a show and I’m rusty getting it all together this one seems to be taking forever to get ready for!

I just finished my last pour yesterday. I won’t make any more before the show after that one. I’ve got tons of pins and hair pins which I hope sell like crazy since they are my cheapest item. I need to make a few more key chains and the rest well be earrings and necklaces.

I put together a pour day before and forgot that resin is a 24-48 hour cure resin. I carefully eased most out of the molds close to the 24 hour mark but maybe a tad early. We’ll see what they look like I’m the morning and if I just messed those up or not! I needed the molds though…

Praying this pour goes better. I had some unexpected rain crop up and according to the gauge I have in the room the humidity didn’t change thanks to the AC. Hopefully that was the truth.

I have some beaded chain that I hope is waiting for me at the Post Office tomorrow when I run by there. It was supposed to arrive on Tues and I didn’t have a chance to get out there today. I’ll get by tomorrow and it had better be there so I can put some of these new pieces on the new chain and possibly switch a few older pieces to it from the sterling silver chains they were on.

I did manage to get all of my tagged inventory proved and listed in my Square app, so that’s a good thing. Check out will be much easier on my Kindle than on my phone. Also, my daughter may come by for a bit to help out and if I’m really busy we could both run sales, one on the Kindle and one on the phone. Speaking of I need to see if I can find my spare Square card swiper. 😊

When I’m done with this I don’t get to relax either… Day after I have a meeting about the website for the shop/co-op I’m a member of and sell my items in and were revamping that. So no rest for the wicked. 😄

On we go!

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